Almost Spring

lake_clark_wildflowers__alaska_usAh, that moment when spring, though not yet arrived, is suddenly inevitable and no longer a fool’s winter memory of a long-forgotten dream. This time when the nihilist turns merely skeptical, the cynic merely ironic, and the broken and bitter become almost lovers. But not quite.



  1. I love the…”but not quite”. I keep repeating those words. Its kind of like when something makes you giggle and no one else gets it

    Lovely poem. 🙂

  2. I love the nihilist becoming merely skeptical, great line. Great poem all around actually, that I may revisit as we will probably continue to get snow in my neck of the woods for some time to come…

  3. We are all hanging in “not quite yet,” in some way or another in life, right? We are all awaiting the arrival of a new season…jump into it! Spring is here. We must stop waiting 🙂
    Great words…

  4. The mere thought of spring being “suddenly inevitable” made my Friday! Thanks for the ‘like’ and follow over at Mancakes. I look forward to poking through your stuff! 🙂

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