Morning Glory Pool


The sign says this is Morning Glory Pool in Yellowstone National Park. But is it the edge of the forest, or the edge of eternity? A wishing well, or a gravity well?

When I visited, no one else was around, so I jumped in for a quick dip. I played with fate and tried to dive as far down as I could. I can tell you, hell indeed hath a fury far exceeding a woman scorned.

When I emerged from the drink, I was just upriver from Hoboken, New Jersey. I grabbed the first woman I saw and married her straight away.

When she furies like a woman scorned, I smile and kiss her and tell her that her fury is nothing compared to…and you should see how mad that really makes her!

We have never visited Yellowstone together. And I think we never will.



      1. You are most welcome, thank you for the follow hope there is something among my scribbling brings a reaction positive or otherwise both work in their own way.

  1. Now I want to take a trip to Yosemite, Rick! I don’t know if I’ll jump in but at least I could dangle my toes! That picture is so cool. No wonder it inspired you. 😀

  2. First time here, and I’m so delighted at both, the sheer colour of the picture, and the story that came with it 🙂 May those furies never be dimmed, be it the colour or the warmth of love 🙂 God Bless!

      1. Yeah, it’s a good story, and I’m sure there’s some Christian publication out there that would publish it. Everyone loves a well-told story of hope! 🙂

      2. Thank you! 🙂 I wrote it a couple months ago and have just started asking around about it. It’s like letting my baby go out into the world! Haha

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