Power Shorts: A Dose of Happiness


Chloe opened the prescription bottle and found it empty. She called her doctor and said she had used up all her placebos. The doctor said it was time he put her on a stronger dose and the new prescription would be ready in an hour. Chloe thanked him and said she felt better already.


See the whole collection at Power Shorts: The Shortest Stories.

Copyright 2013 Rick Mallery



  1. Thanks for this post. First off, it was a short jolt of humor, kind of like espresso versus cup of coffeee – and second, it reminded me of a “mind over matter test I was involved with at the University of Washington Psychology Department…a whole post is coming from this. Inspiration…good stuff.

      1. I am a greedy artistic type, but not that greedy. Your flash was the first thing I read with my morning coffee, and it was my booster. Good stuff. I have so many stories and other pieces in line…you just reminded me of one who came alive and cut in line…a few raw ideas are in revolt, but – when aren’t they?
        Liked your collection of power writing post, too, but so many comments, mine would just be piling on.

      1. You’re quite welcome. It oddly enough reminds me of my son because he’s on medication for A.D.H.D. and he will use the excuse of not being able to behave if he hasn’t had his medication and we all tell him that’s not an excuse. The medication is to help with concentration, not to fix his behavioral issues, he still knows right from wrong, medicated or not. I suggested doing a placebo on the weekends when his dad doesn’t keep him medicated just to see what happens….though they said they can’t sell those, meh, but yeah your post got me thinking and also laughing too….so witty you are. πŸ˜‰

  2. For some reason, this story reminds me of religion, going to church every Sunday to renew your faith. Your pastor prays for you, and you feel less of a sinner and try to make it till the next Sunday.

  3. Rick — I’ve received many “Likes” to my most recent post at my blog –“Honey & Quinine” ( http://jobconger.wordpress.com ) — and have spent more time reading your posts at your blog than any other posts at any other blog. I like your economy of expression in the PowerShorts. Another visitor referred to one of your posts as a poem (probably because of its form) but I thought it more likely another PowerShort; doesn’t matter who’s right. I bet we both are. You seem to be doing wirh prose what I often try to do with haiku: keep things simple and strong. You are the only “Liker” of my recent post whom I will follow. BRAVO your initiative and consistence. I am confident you will inspire others.

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement and the kind words. I find much inspiration myself in this exercise and the responses from other blog writers. Keep up the good work! We’re all in this together. πŸ™‚

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