Power Shorts: Dreams of Bad Jesus


One night I dreamed that in the twinkling of an eye Jesus returned and gathered all the powerful, the rich, and the depraved for a first-class trip to heaven. When I asked what would happen to the rest of us, Jesus said, “My child, I promised all along that the meek, the poor, and the kind would inherit the earth.” He scanned the horizon, wrinkled his nose in disgust, and said, “You can have it!” And with that, the blessed procession ascended into the clouds, bound for the heavenly city with its streets of gold.

When I woke up, I decided no more eating salami and peperoncini just before bed.


See the whole collection at Power Shorts: The Shortest Stories.



  1. Awesome, great post! I had a dream lately about a demon that was tormenting me in a house. I asked him “Why don’t you read these books?” (we were in the study) He threw the books at me yelling “I have read all of these books, thousands of times! I can break down these walls!” “But…you can’t leave can you?” “…no.” Turned out, he was just lonely and had nothing else to do.

  2. This is so great. In such a short piece you addressed religion and social inequality in such an elegant way. I somewhat agree with the first comment, however, that the second paragraph adds unnecessary bulk to the story, but that’s just my opinion.

  3. Haha, oh my.

    Also,I don’t know how you found my post for I never got me visiting me before and that is so awesome!!, so I just wanted to thank you for the like on my post/following me!! πŸ™‚

  4. Very funny, course my sense of humor aligns with this sort of stuff! That would solve our problems, wouldn’t it? Would make ‘Heaven on Earth’ a reality if the people destroying it went elsewhere! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier!

  5. Loved it πŸ™‚
    I dream about God but I never get that sense of humor in mine..its always the Garden, the sky falling, ascent. I need some salami, I think. πŸ™‚
    In all seriousness, one can analyze a dream to pieces, or take it as is.

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