Power Shorts: The Caterpillar and the Peacock


The Caterpillar and the Peacock

The caterpillar complained to the peacock about how miserable he was crawling around on the ground all day.

“Don’t think about what you are,” said the peacock, “but rather what you will become.”

“Oh,” grunted the caterpillar, “You mean when I become a butterfly?”

“No,” answered the peacock, “Dinner.”

And with one swift snap of its beak, the peacock put the caterpillar out of its misery.


See the whole collection at Power Shorts: The Shortest Stories.



  1. I wonder if I’m wrong for chuckling at that. Two lessons to be learned from this don’t complain about your current situation and if you do be careful who you complain too. (Think about your job)

  2. the leopard snuck around the corner, low to the ground and shaking his head. ‘you shouldn’t ought to have played with your food before you ate it, otherwise i would never have known you were here.’ as the leopard leaped the peacock’s last thought was, man, that really *was* rude of me. (i had to google what a peacock’s enemies were because it’s an odd thing i’ve never thought about before πŸ˜‰

      1. You’re very welcome! By the way, I’m so glad your books are available for Nook, too. I’m going to imbibe very soon! πŸ™‚

      1. How did you manage to grow your blog with people who are actually interested in what you do? How do you find similar people doing the same?

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