Power Shorts: Good Fences


Good Fences

The old man leaned on the fence and looked out to sea. He thought about his daddy. He thought about what they’d said about his daddy building the fence all around the family plot in the long-ago year of the old man’s birth.

An ancient poet wrote that good fences make good neighbors, and the old man knew this was true. They were far better neighbors than people were.

And the old man leaned on the fence and looked out to sea.


See the whole collection at Power Shorts: The Shortest Stories.



  1. I like this one and I agree with the old ma’s sentiments!

    here is a little topical one for you .

    Strange thought the young man , his father had been a carpenter. He certainly would of made a better job of this cross. There would of been none of these splinters. Mind you the splinters were the least of his problems… the 9inch nails though his hands and feet were clamoring for his attention.
    He looked out across the valley and still managed to be stunned by the view from up here high on Calgery. Blood ran down his face from his crown of thorns and he could not even wipe it from his eyes. Are these people really worth all this grief he asked himself just as someone thrust a spear into his side and it all went black.

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