Power Shorts: Bridge Over Teenage Troubles

jumping_bridgeBridge Over Teenage Troubles

When a mother demanded of her son why he had been smoking pot under the bridge with the other kids, he told her it was no big deal because all the kids do it.

“And if all the kids jumped off that bridge, would you do it too?” the mother asked.

“Oh, Mom,” the son replied, “Why do you say that stupid phrase every time I’m in trouble. It doesn’t even make sense.”

The mother thought for a moment and then said, “Because all the parents do it.”


See the whole collection at Power Shorts: The Shortest Stories.



  1. Isn’t that what bridges are for? I used to drink under a bridge when I was fifteen. Now that I have been sober (over thirty years) it is strange to think about the underneath of a bridge. I only see from the top, how far down the jump would be.

  2. Actually, I can see this last line from two different perspectives. The obvious one — that she turned the tables on him. The secondary perspective: Almost all adults set the example for their kids by living their lives in the same manner — trying to “belong” to “fit in” to “keep up with the Joneses” by doing things just because so many others do. A pretty powerful little piece you have there.

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