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Becomes the Happy Man

The man wakes up one morning to find the woman missing. His search for her leads him on an adventure of discovery and remembrance that answers more than just what has happened to her and why.


Becomes God’s Silent Prophet

The man wakes up to find things are slightly different than they were in Becomes the Happy Man. Those differences inspire the man to take a journey to find God.

What is God? Why is the idea of God universal to the human experience while the particular expressions of God are so diverse in human culture? What does the distinction between a universal and a diverse God mean for a person’s belief in God? How does that belief change the way a person relates to other people? These are the questions for which the man seeks answers.

As in Becomes the Happy Man, the man as a young man and the man as a boy also make appearances.

The young man contemplates his experiences in the gathering of believers for the celebration of the supreme being, and he also learns to relate to one of the girls who lives and works in the house where the old woman lived before she died.

The boy falls asleep and finds himself on a spaceship with an important task as dictated by someone claiming to be God. His arrival on a distant planet and the completion of his task bring a surprise that not even the boy as a man could have anticipated.


Becomes the Meaning Blossom

Becomes the Meaning Blossom is the third book in the Becomes the Happy Man series. As in Becomes the Happy Man and Becomes God’s Silent Prophet, the man, the young man, and the boy lead interrelated stories.

The man returns to the neutral land where as a young man he had fought in the war and was wounded and recovered from his wounds but did not fall in love. He returns to the neutral land as a man to fall in love. And he does.

The young man journeys to the big city of his homeland to find what the big city holds for him. He commits himself to living in the big city for one year. And he does.

The boy moves with his mother to a sparsely populated area of his homeland so his mother can get treatment for her addictions. Just as the boy gets adjusted to his new life among the mountains and deep forests of his homeland, a young man from the big city arrives for treatment. The young man from the big city causes problems that only the boy can solve. And he does.


Dreams of the Moon Bear

A man talks to himself in the dark closet. A woman prowls the moon alone. A young fir tree asks questions on a remote, godforsaken island in the North Pacific.

They have one thing in common: they are each aspects of one being, and they cannot find peace until the dramatic forces of nature and humanity bring them together to make that glorious being whole.

Discover how it happens and what role you have to play in this cosmic shadow game of life, lust, and love.


Brother Found

Danny Meeks is four months away from paying off the heavy debts he acquired remodeling an investment property when the financial crisis hit. He expects to move his pregnant wife and step-son out of their trailer and into a house by the time his wife delivers Danny’s first child.

But all these dreams are threatened when Danny’s long-lost brother, Joey, arrives with a large bag of cash seeking sanctuary after a botched bank robbery. Joey brings information that might lead them to their deceased father’s lost fortune–or it might lead them into more trouble than they ever dreamed as law enforcement agents and Joey’s criminal confederates close in.

Danny yields to his family heritage of thievery to protect his brother and preserve his dreams against adverse circumstances. Danny knows all such actions come with a price. He’s not sure just what the price will be, but he is about to find out.


Winter Journey

In the spring of 1828, at the age of 46, Nicolo Paganini leaves his native Italy for his first tour of Europe. His first stop is Vienna, the music capital of the world. While there he crosses paths with a largely unknown Franz Schubert, then in the last year of his young life. The two great composers, although differing greatly in temperament and personality, inspire each other to confront life’s persistent challenges. By the time Paganini leaves Vienna near the end of the year to continue his European tour, Schubert has already proceeded on his own Winter Journey, but not without giving Paganini something he will cherish for the rest of his life.