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Becomes One Hundred Stories #40: Makes a Concept Map

This is a piece of short fiction in the style and universe of three of my novels: Becomes the Happy Man, Becomes God’s Silent Prophet, and Becomes the Meaning Blossom.

Makes a Concept Map

I told the young man I needed a map. I needed a map for my latest book.

The young man said what happened to my girl who had said she would draw one for me.

I told him she was not my girl anymore.

The young man continued preparing his morning meal. He looked deep in thought. We had been roommates in the big city of our homeland long enough for me to know when he was deep in thought and also long enough for him not to be surprised I had changed girls yet again.

I asked the young man if he could draw.

The young man said not a bit.

I said me neither.

The young man said what about my new (more…)