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Becomes One Hundred Stories #49: Remembers the Before Man

This is a piece of short fiction in the style and universe of three of my novels: Becomes the Happy Man, Becomes God’s Silent Prophet, and Becomes the Meaning Blossom.

Remembers the Before Man

The old man who lived in the ancient village on the edge of the hot, barren desert, across the way from the old woman who kept rooms, watched the man pass down the way. The old man had recognized the man, but the man was much younger than the man had been when the old man had known the man before. This impossibility did not trouble the old man. The old man just watched the man disappear into the place where the old woman kept rooms across the way, and he thought back many years to when he had known the man before. When the man had been older than he was now.

The old man thought back many years, but his reveries were interrupted by a sound from inside the place where he lived. The old man tried to continue thinking about the past, but the noise within grew louder. The old man could not concentrate like he had when he was younger—even a few years younger.

The old man went into the place where he lived and found his wife banging on empty pots with a hammer.

The old man told his wife to hush. He said it was not New Year’s Eve.

The old man’s wife said she had seen the man and she (more…)