Becomes One Hundred Stories #42: Dreams of Cold Fire

This is a piece of short fiction in the style and universe of three of my novels: Becomes the Happy Man, Becomes God’s Silent Prophet, and Becomes the Meaning Blossom.

Dreams of Cold Fire

The man’s ancient ancestor sighed. The ancient man looked at the hot sun above, and he wished he had a cool place where he could go rest. He thought about the cave in the middle of the desert, but he would have to cross too much of the big, barren desert before getting to the cool cave. So the ancient man just looked at the sun and sighed.

The ancient man wondered if he could build a hut and somehow keep it cool. He wondered if his science was developed enough to figure out how to cool a hut with his own ingenuity rather than waiting for cool weather to come. It was not.

The ancient man thought about fire. He thought about fire that kept him and his family warm when it was cold outside. He wondered what kind of fire he could build that would keep (more…)