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Becomes One Hundred Stories: New Release


I’m pleased to announce my newest book, BECOMES ONE HUNDRED STORIES, is now available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback editions.

These stories explore the characters, style, and universe established by the first three novels of the Meaning Blossom books, BECOMES THE HAPPY MAN, BECOMES GOD’S SILENT PROPHET, and BECOMES THE MEANING BLOSSOM.

As in the other Meaning Blossom books, the man, the young man, and the boy lead interrelated narratives with a host of other characters that reveal more about the man’s life, the problems he confronts, and the questions to which he seeks answers.

BECOMES ONE HUNDRED STORIES is the fourth of the Meaning Blossom books.

In the coming days, I’ll present new editions of the first three books in the series.

The first forty-nine stories are available in full on this blog at this page: Becomes One Hundred Stories

Power Shorts: Dreams of Bad Jesus


One night I dreamed that in the twinkling of an eye Jesus returned and gathered all the powerful, the rich, and the depraved for a first-class trip to heaven. When I asked what would happen to the rest of us, Jesus said, “My child, I promised all along that the meek, the poor, and the kind would inherit the earth.” He scanned the horizon, wrinkled his nose in disgust, and said, “You can have it!” And with that, the blessed procession ascended into the clouds, bound for the heavenly city with its streets of gold.

When I woke up, I decided no more eating salami and peperoncini just before bed.


See the whole collection at Power Shorts: The Shortest Stories.

Weekly Writing Challenge – A picture is worth 1,000 words

A brick. A photogenic brick. I was a photogenic brick in a past incarnation. How many past incarnations ago, I am not sure. I only remember a few of them. But I remember this one. This one in which I was a brick. A red brick. A red brick in a wall. But not just any wall. Not just another brick in just another wall.

A dark red brick. I was a dark red brick in a wall of red bricks. Lighter red bricks. I was a dark red brick in a wall of light red bricks.

A long brick. A long brick in a wall of mostly short bricks. A long dark red brick in a wall of mostly short light red bricks.

Not just another brick in the wall. Never just another brick in the wall.

A bottom brick. The bottom-most brick in the short wall. The third from the left. The bottom-most brick. The third from the left in the bottom-most row. The foundation row.

The longest darkest red brick in the bottom-most row.

As you can see, not just another brick in the wall. And next to me, a whole row of short light red bricks on edge. Always on edge. That’s what I do. Put others on edge. Regardless of my incarnation, I put you on edge.

A brick. A dark red brick. A long dark red brick in the bottom-most row. Not just another brick in the wall.

In the wall. A wall on edge. On edge.

On edge.

Don’t be just another.

The above is a work of fiction for the weekly writing challenge. It’s a lot of fun! To join in or see how other bloggers interpret the challenge you can find out more here.