women scorned

Becomes One Hundred Stories #45: Agrees to Share

This is a piece of short fiction in the style and universe of three of my novels: Becomes the Happy Man, Becomes God’s Silent Prophet, and Becomes the Meaning Blossom.

Agrees to Share

Philosophy had appeared to the man earlier that day while he worked, but he had not stopped working, so she had asked him why he ignored her.

The man said he was busy. He said to please come back at the time of his noon meal.

So Philosophy went down beside the river and she sat next to the river and she thought about Heraclitus. She could keep herself occupied under any condition just like the man could work hard under any condition.

The man worked. The man worked hard. He worked hard, but while (more…)

Morning Glory Pool


The sign says this is Morning Glory Pool in Yellowstone National Park. But is it the edge of the forest, or the edge of eternity? A wishing well, or a gravity well?

When I visited, no one else was around, so I jumped in for a quick dip. I played with fate and tried to dive as far down as I could. I can tell you, hell indeed hath a fury far exceeding a woman scorned.

When I emerged from the drink, I was just upriver from Hoboken, New Jersey. I grabbed the first woman I saw and married her straight away.

When she furies like a woman scorned, I smile and kiss her and tell her that her fury is nothing compared to…and you should see how mad that really makes her!

We have never visited Yellowstone together. And I think we never will.